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Work In Progress – June 23, 2016

This week marks a return to Bolt Action for my paint table. I play British, so all of the models below are Brits except for one. These models are from Warlord Games. Please feel free to leave comments.

An MMG Team that has been base coated and shaded, but they still need to be highlighted.
This unit has also been base painted and shaded and still needs to be highlighted. It is a 6-Pounder Gun with its crew.
Primed Sherman Tanks.
Primed Wolverine.
This primed Vamphyr is getting ready to lead some of Hitler’s deadliest Occult units. Currently this is the only German figure that I own, but eventually I would like to change that. I would like to do the army in a black or dark colour. I am thinking maybe Grey Black. Please send me comments if you have suggestions on how to do this.
Got the first base coat of green done on my tanks.
Got most of my base coat of green done on my tank hunter. I found a small gap along the front of the tank where I had to apply green stuff to hide.
I added green stuff to fill the base to the same height as the miniature’s integrated base. The mini has been painted in Grey/Black and his skin tone is a 50/50 mix of white and Basic Skin Tone. When I can, I use Vallejo Paints.