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Frostgrave Creatures and The Behemoth

With the Lords of War: Frostgrave Campaign Day coming fast, I find myself in the mood to show off more of my Frostgrave work. I also want to share some thoughts on an interesting Kickstarter that has come to my attention.

Many of the products in this post are from the Reaper Bones collection of miniatures. Up first is a Frost Giant taking on a Cultist wizard. I think that Wizard has had better days.

Reaper Giant and Cultist
Wizard Versus Giant: Who will Win?!
Reaper Hill Giant and Cultist Painted
The Giant is many times the size of the wizard and is almost as tall as the house in the background.
Reaper Miniatures Hill Giant
Look at how well it holds the detail and paints up. This is a Reaper Bones Figure.
Reaper Miniatures Hill Giant
There is nice definition in the muscles and his body is so big that he needed the furs of multiple animals to make his clothing. Pretty cool.
Reaper Miniatures Cultist
I am also pleased with how well I painted my Wizard.

I am really happy with how these two miniatures turned out after being painted. Like I said in an earlier post, Reaper’s Bones is a wonderful thing. They truly offer excellent quality at a price that is hard to beat. If I remember right, that Giant cost me only $8 or $9 Canadian. Not bad at all.

Below are the pieces that I recently completed for Frostgrave. All of the pieces are from Reaper Bones, except the panther. The panther is from their metal lines.

Above is a picture of the full group featured in this post.
Reaper Miniatures Cultists
I love miniatures of Cultists. Both of these guys turned out great.
I believe I will use this guy as a Ghoul King or as a Sell Sword.
The reverse side of the above miniature.
This guy will be a Small Construct.
A look at the reverse side.
My Frost Toad.
The Wizard and Apprentice confront the Frost Toad.
Miniature panther 32mm for role playing games and miniatures Games
A Panther – the only metal miniature of this bunch.
Below are two objective markers that can also be used as scattered terrain.
The one above is great. It fits well with the other markers that I plan make. I have a bunch of Bloodstone Gnomes carrying off stone shards, but those markers will not be done in time for Lords of War.
Can’t have cultists without a summoning circle of some sort.  🙂
Of course the Wizard would win in a match like this. The Giant has no chance when there is magic in the air.  😉

Wrapping back around to the Wizards versus Giants, I got thinking about a Kickstarter. Jey Legarie, the game Designer for Dungeon Crawler, runs in the same circle of Boardgamers as I. Recently, he was telling me about the Behemoth Miniature that he is Kickstarting. Below are some pictures of this miniature. The following images are actually from his Kickstarter Update Page.

The Behemoth Kickstarter
Check out the size on this miniature. He looks awesome!
The Behemoth Kickstarter
When I saw this image, my imagination started making up wild stories. Imagine Wizards in Frostgrave destroying their opponents while riding on these monstrosities.
Or better yet, imagine these two creatures fighting it out on a frozen lake where their actions affect the entire gaming environment while Warbands try to collect treasure. Of course, you could always use these miniatures for the Dungeon Crawler Mini’s Game Labyrinth too.  🙂

If you are interested in getting in on the Behemoth miniature, or any other miniatures in the Dungeon Crawler series, there is still time. At the time of me writing this post, there is still just over two weeks left to Jey’s Kickstarter.

Update… This Kickstarter did not reach its goal but it is currently being re-started and is much closer to its goal now. Please check out my post updating this project to find out more about the new Kickstarter campaign.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave comments.

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