Have you heard of XOLK?

They are a Canadian Company that makes absolutely excellent MDF Terrain Kits. I bought their Ruined Cottage at a local store for around $10 Canadian. This was a steal of a deal for a great looking piece of terrain.

XOLK MDF Ruined Cottage Terrain 28mm
XOLK’s 28mm Ruined Cottage. It’s a nice piece and very affordable. Check out our review.

After this review, I chatted to the company and they sent me some pieces for review. My favourite of their products that I have checked out so far is their Normand House in Ruins.

XOLK 28mm MDF Normandy House in Ruins
This is XOLK’s Normand House in Ruins. It is fantastic and all of the levels are accessible. Check out my review of the product.

Lately XOLK has been very active in the North American gaming community. They have sponsored tournaments and even been very active in the promotion of Warlords of Erehwon.

If you haven’t heard of them before, be sure to check out these articles and perhaps go to their website to buy a kit.

This section of Must Contain Minis lists all of the posts that somehow have XOLK products in them. It could be as simple as a few pictures where they appear in a showcase of something else all the way up to reviews and battle report tables full of their terrain.

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