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Wargames Atlantic Goes Digital!

If you follow this site, you know I am a huge fan of Wargames Atlantic. They make great products at fantastic prices. If you are after value in the miniature wargaming hobby, this should be one of the first companies that you visit.

Recently, they teamed up with MyMiniFactory to provide 3D printed options to their fans so they can expand their lines even faster. True, it has been a few months, but I figured now that they have had some time to work together, let’s take a look at what is available.

If you’re not already familiar with Wargames Atlantic, they make fantastic hard plastic miniatures at very affordable prices. MyMiniFactory is a huge online site offering miniature gaming STL files that you can use for 3D printing. Both of these growing companies already offer fantastic value to their customers. Now, they have teamed up so you can get Wargames Atlantic 3D printer models. Very cool.

You can get in on this by joining what MyMiniFactory calls a Tribe. There you pay a small monthly fee and in exchange get the new STL files from Wargames Atlantic and even get some say in what they publish next.

Miniature Cave Men from MyMiniFactory
Need Cavemen? They have them. Check this link if you are interested.

If you joined late or want just a specific file, you can buy from their already existing 3D printer file library. The options here are growing fast and Wargames Atlantic generally releases the STL files individually at the same time as they are released to their Tribe members.

If you don’t have a 3D printer, or access to a 3D printer, they paired up with another company that will print off these STLs for you and ship them to you. Personally, I don’t own a 3D printer yet, but I have a good friend who owns one and I know a miniatures store that is thinking of exploring 3D printing as a future revenue stream.

So Much Variety!!!

Wargames Atlantic has so many interesting options. Check out these Calvary models made for the Les Grognards army that they already sell in a hard plastic format.

Proxy Roughrider Miniatures for Imperial Guard by Wargames Atlantic. I would likely use them for Grimdark Future by OnePageRules as Human Defense Force Calvary if I ever make these models.
To make these, you print off the extra parts for the riders, armour and weapons and attach them to Wargames Atlantic’s plastic horse models. This is a very nice way to offer up some optional bits to make an entirely new model off of an existing product. like these guys, check out this link.
Post Apocalyptic 3D printed STL files by Wargames Atlantic and MyMiniFactory. Perfect for proxy Necromunda figures.
Looking for nomadic wastelanders in a post apocolyptic world? They have that too! You can find these here.
Warrior Monk STL files for miniature Wargaming
Need Warrior Monks? They have them. Check here to see them.
Wargames Atlantic goes Digital with these 3D Printer files with MyMiniFactory. This Fantasy Caravan would be perfect for warband sized games (like Frostgrave) and RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons.
Imagine the RPG and Warband sized game possibilities with this set of minis! Check here for these figures.

What I have shown you here is but a very small selection of what they have available right now on MyMiniFactory.

Wrapping it up…

If you are looking for a miniature that another company doesn’t already make, Wargames Atlantic is generally the first company that I check to see what they have. Their business model has been to fill holes in the market of miniatures that don’t yet have figures across multiple genres and then expand their line from there.

Over the past few years, their growth has been significant. Even through the years of the pandemic, and this growth, the quality of their products and the value that they give customers is what continues to amaze me. Their offerings of 3D printed models (both printed and shipped and STL file formats) just help to expand their lines faster.

Thanks for reading and maybe you will find something that they have that interests you.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Death fields 3D printed Security Force
The Death Fields Security Force. I like the look of these figures. You can find them here.

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