Axe & Brimstone – Fully Funded and Reaching for Stretch Goals

Axe & Brimstone – Fully Funded and Reaching for Stretch Goals

This past Monday, I wrote an article about a Kickstarter to fund an expansion for A Song of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games. After three short days, backers fully funded the project and the campaign is now heading towards its stretch goals. The first of which is the model below.

First Stretch Goal of Axe and Brimstone
An Image of the first stretch goal for the campaign. This model will replace one of the duplicate models in the Possessed Warband if the goal is met. Image from the Axe and Brimstone Kickstarter Page.

Congratulations goes out to Ganesha Games on achieving their funding so quickly. At the time of writing, there are still 25 days left to the Kickstarter campaign.

Update (December 2, 2017): Axe and Brimstone is now available on Amazon.

[amazon_link asins=’1541013344,1530798590,1479349771,1514151146,1494432463,1499121938,147752102X’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’mustcontainmi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f98d2b5a-4bf1-11e8-9c80-b38d6029bd8b’]

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