You are currently viewing Bolt Action Video Battle Report – 1000 Point Manhunt

Bolt Action Video Battle Report – 1000 Point Manhunt

Welcome to this 1000 Point Manhunt Bolt Action Video Battle Report. A while back I had the pleasure of getting together with one of my gaming friends and tossing some dice on the table. In this game of Bolt Action, we had the Germans attacking a British force in hopes to capture the British Commander.

Who won? Watch the video below to find out.

If this video does not work, you can also find it with this link here.

My Video Battle Report of a 1000 Point Manhunt mission for Bolt Action.

The Army Lists – 1000 Point Manhunt Bolt Action Battle Report

For those wondering, here are the army lists from the report…

  • The British list consisted of…
    • First lieutenant with two extra squad mates all carrying SMGs (This is who they had to capture)
    • Two 10 man veteran Infantry squads each with one SMG and one LMG
    • Sniper Team
    • Light Mortar Team
    • Six pounder Gun
    • Sherman Tank
    • Recce Carrier with an extra pintle mounted LMG
    • Free forward observer along with an extra rifleman
    • All rated as veteran aside from that forward observation team which ranked as regular
  • The German List brought
    • Second lieutenant with two extra riflemen
    • Medium Machine Gun Team
    • Sniper Team
    • Three 9 man infantry teams
    • Pioneer team with an embedded flamethrower team
    • Halftrack transport
    • Panzer tank

Wrapping it up…

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Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!