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Feldherr MAXI Plus Review on YouTube

This weekend I uploaded a brand new video to YouTube. This time, it is a review of the MAXI Plus miniature transport case by Feldherr. Below is that video followed the description that I wrote up for YouTube.

The Video

My Review on YouTube.

Video Description

In this video, I review a miniatures travel case by Feldherr. These guys make really nice cases and their customer service is phenomenal.

In this review, I discuss how a Feldherr case addressed an issue I had with a skirmish miniatures case by Games Workshop. The quick of it is that the GW case is no good for metal miniatures. The Feldherr case is. It protects metal miniatures and plastic ones alike.

In a sense, there is a bit of a GW vs Feldherr going on, but they are both good cases. The GW case is good, but not for metal miniatures.

Amazing Customer Service

Of course, this post does not stop there. I go deeper into the subject and talk about my experience with the company. It is that experience that I liked best in relation to this product. The Feldherr representative worked so hard to match me with the perfect case and foam sets for my needs. It was amazing how well they held my hand throughout the process.

I asked if this experience was because I am a reviewer, but they tell me that all customers that reach out to them get the same experience. Amazing!

While I discuss how the case relates to a specific game fairly deeply (Blood & Plunder), this review is general enough that you can watch the video to figure out if this case is something you want for your other games too (like Warhammer 40000, Bolt Action, or whatever else you are into).

Does the foam do its job? Absolutely. It keeps your miniatures safe.

As a note, Feldherr sent me the MAXI Plus case and the foam inside for review purposes. In no other way was I compensated for this video. I reserve the right to give a positive or negative review. On top of that, they gave me a promo code to help save you money. I am not compensated for that either.

Promo Code

Want to save some money? Here is that promo code I talked about…

Promo Code: MCM2021

Discount of 5 Euro at a minimum order value of 50 Euro.

The code is good until 31.07.21.

This is not an affiliate link.

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