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Painted Corvus Cabal Miniatures Showcase

In this post, we take a close look at some painted Corvus Cabal Miniatures. Dave Lamers painted these minis by Games Workshop for their game Warcry. I honestly don’t know much about Warcry, but it looks like a game that I would like.

In it, you take small warbands into a skirmish game against each other. In researching for this post, I found a number of factions that I like. This includes the Unmade, the Splintered Fang and the Corvus Cabal. If you take the game further, there are also cards that you can buy to bring your pre-existing Age of Sigmar miniatures into the game.

Of the Age of Sigmar bands, I like the undead themed groups. That said, this post isn’t about Warcry per se, instead, it is about painted Corvus Cabal Miniatures by Dave Lamers. With that out of the way, let’s take a look.

The Corvus Cabal

These warriors are masters of ambush and assassination. They run through the terrain as though they could fly. Height is no obstacle for these guys so their opponents must fear their deaths from above.

Shadow Piercer

The Shadow Piercer is the leader of the group and happens to be a better fighter than the others.

Painted Shadow Piercer - Warcry by Games Workshop
Dave’s Shadow Piercer.

Shrike Talon

This guy certainly caught my eye when Dave sent over his pictures. This guy loves to charge into a fight so much that you get to re-roll your charge rolls with the unit if you use him in Age of Sigmar.

Painted Corvus Cabal Miniatures Showcase - Games Workshop Warcry
This warrior loves striking fear into his opponents by leading the charge and jumping off buildings.

Spire Stalker

An extremely agile fighter who loves to position himself to ambush his enemies.

This picture features painted Corvus Cabal miniatures. On the left, the Spire Stalker. On the right, one of his fellow warriors.

The Cabalist

Pictured below are the other miniatures of this painted Corvus Cabal Showcase.

GW Cabalist with familiar
A Cabalist with a familiar.
Painted Corvus Cabal miniatures Showcase - Games Workshop - Warcry - Painted by Dave Lamers
A fearsome Warrior. I really like the look of this one.
Painted Cabalist Spearman for Warcry -Corvus Cabal by Games Workshop
A Cabalist Spearman for Warcry.
A Couple of more warriors.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in today’s showcase of painted Corvus Cabal by Dave Lamers. Dave Lamers painted and photographed the miniatures in this post. Special thanks goes out to him for allowing me to share his work.

Dave did some nice work on these miniatures and his photographs continue to get better. Feel free to leave your comments on this post.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Kelly Wanklin

    If you like the models here, check the new Shadows and Pain boxed set out sometime soon.. Looks kinda fun to paint.

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