Gaming in the Middle of the Pacific – Game Store in Hawai’i

Gaming in the Middle of the Pacific – Game Store in Hawai’i

Aloha! Just over 7,300 Kilometres from home, I found myself vacationing in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i. What a beautiful place to visit! While here though, I found myself wondering what a game store in Hawai’i would be like. To feed my hankering to check out a Hobby Shop, I visited 4 Pillars Hobby Shop. You can also check them out on Facebook.

There I met Jon Huihui-Stephenson, the owner of the store. In the picture above, he wears the red shirt. I am in green.

Update… March 30, 2020. The 4 Pillars Hobby Shop is being hit hard by people staying home due to COVID-19. They have set up a Go Fund Me Page to help them weather the storm. If you can help, they would appreciate it. 


Thousands of Miles from Home!

Out in the middle of the pacific, I was roughly 7,300 Kilometers from home. For my American readers, 7,300 Kilometers is nearly 4,600 miles. That is yet a very long ways for me! Yet, here in the middle of the Pacific, I was able to find some like minded individuals to check out a store and talk about miniatures.

It is pretty cool that people from so many different locations enjoy our hobby. Whether we are at home, the next city over, or in this case, half-way across the Pacific, we can find people with the same interests. At this store I listened to a couple of people discuss their army collections and one man was even talking about his collection of Warhammer miniatures and how his wife wants him to work on some D&D miniatures.

Game store in Kona Hawai'i
Checking out the racks you can see lots of card accessories, some Reaper Minis and a small collection of GW Products too. It was nice to chat with people about miniatures while so far away from home.

When I got talking to the owner of the store, he let me know that he has a community of Blood Bowl players that meet weekly to play, a couple of groups playing D&D campaigns (one might be open to drop in players), and many card game players. It sounds like they play a lot of Magic and Dragon Ball Super in this shop.

Game store in Kailua Kona Hawai'i
A closer look at their GW rack of paints, books and models.

Lots of Space

The owner did not tell me about his X-Wing Community, but a volunteer at the store was re-arranging the furniture when I got there. He was prepping to run a day of X-Wing and a day of Magic for people at the store. As you can see in the picture below, there is a lot of space in this store for gaming (the picture represents about a quarter of the store). Most of the space is open with tables.

Game Store in Hawai'i - Open Gaming Space - Kailua Kona
A look at the cash register area of the store. The tables are out of line because someone was re-arranging the store for some X-Wing Players.

I did not stick around to see the X-Wing setup, but it is good to hear that there is a community of players out here too.

Other Products in the Hawai’i Game Store

I took a look around the store, aside from miniatures and cards, the store also sells and supports Role Playing Games, snacks, Gundam Models, some collectibles and darts.

Check it out, they even have a couple of dart machines. I didn’t ask them about the cabinets or the dart community, but it looks neat.

Gaming in Hawai'i
A couple of dart machines.

In the other corner of the room, they had a couple of TVs set up with gaming consoles.

Wrapping it up…

4 Pillars Hobby Shop in Kona Hawai’i was a nice place to take a short break from my vacation. It was great to chat to some like-minded people about miniatures and see how stores are in other places.

The hobby shop is well stocked for various card games and supports many other aspects of the gaming hobby too. I was very surprised with how close this place was to where I stayed. A walk-able distance for sure!

Special thanks goes out to Jon for taking the time out of his day to discuss a game store in Hawai’i

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Game Store in Hawai'i - 4 Pillars Hobby Shop
Hanging loose in Hawai’i.

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