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A Landed Helicopter under a strange sky.

Black Sun Down

Crucible Crush, the makers of Flint and Feather recently took down their Black Sun Kickstarter. Although the Kickstarter was going well, they cancelled the project to retool the campaign. They plan to relaunch in a few months with more sculpts and a better description of the Black Sun gaming setting. Their goal is to come back even stronger for a better Kickstarter Campaign.

Goal of the Kickstarter

Many of the miniatures in the Black Sun universe already exist. You can look them up at the Crucible Crush Online Store or find them at select conventions. The goal of this Kickstarter was to flesh out the Black Sun gaming universe and to fund the development of the rule set. That in turn should lead to the development of more minis in the line.

Of course, there were miniatures to unlock too. This round, the Kickstarter posted a number of concept drawings for future characters and unlocks. I am hoping in the next round of this Kickstarter that some of those miniatures change from concept drawings to pictures of new sculpts. I always feel better about a Kickstarter when I see sculpts over drawings.

Personally, I really like the Adaro (Deep Ones). I tend to buy miniatures like that just because they look cool.

Wrapping it up…

Sadly, today’s post is about the cancellation of a Kickstarter. Fortunately, the creators plan to take it down, re-tool the campaign and come back with even more steam.

I patiently await the relaunch of this Kickstarter. Hopefully the second time around leads to the level of success Crucible Crush is after.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!