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Oathmark Humans by North Star Military Figures

One of the things that I really love to do is to keep my eyes on what is coming out onto the gaming market. One of the items that has my eyes is the new 28mm Oathmark Humans by North Star Military Figures. These miniatures are now available for pre-order.

For those that don’t know, Oathmark is a game on the planned release schedule by Osprey Games. When exactly it will come out, I do not know. What I do know is that they now have four armies ready for the book’s release. The book itself is being written by Joseph McCullough, the author of Frostgrave. This time, Joseph is writing a game of mass fantasy combat. Like Frostgrave, there is supposed to be a campaign system where you can build your forces over the course of a number of games.

In this post, let’s take a closer look at those pre-offer deals on the Oathmark Humans and at the sprues themselves. Please note that all images in this post are from North Star Military Figures.

Pre-Order Deals

North Star is currently offering four different deals for customers on these pre-orders.

Oathmark Human Regiment
The cheapest of the offers is the Human Regiment. This comes with one box of plastic soldiers (30 miniatures) and a bonus miniature. Image from North Star Military Figures’ Webstore. This order goes for 25 GBP.
Human Brigade Oathmark Miniatures
The Human Brigade comes with 60 plastic miniatures and two bonus miniatures. Image from North Star Military Figures. A Brigade would run you 50 GBP.
Oathmark Human Army
The Human Army comes with 150 Plastic Oathmark Human Miniatures and 7 extra metal figures. Image from North Star Military Figures. This deal costs 100 GBP. My favourite of those metal figures is the Wizard.
Oathmark Human Wizard
I really like this mini. He would be great for Frostgrave and Oathmark alike. Image from North Star Military Figures.

If you like the metal figures, they are also available individually at this time. In the future, I believe they will be paired off.

Aside from the three Human deals above, they also have an all in type of deal where you get a box of all the plastic Oathmark sets so far with some bonus figures. I really wish this one was in my budget at this time. It looks so cool!

Oathmark Newbie Deal
This is the Oathmark Newbie deal and I wish I had this one. It comes with one boxed set of each of the plastic kits so far. It also comes with four bonus figures. Image from North Star Military Figures. This one also runs for 100 GBP.

These miniatures all look pretty cool and I am loving the artwork on the human miniatures.


Below is an image of the Oathmark Human Sprue from North Star Military Figures Facebook postings.

Oathmark Human Sprue
A preview look at the Sprues from the Oathmark Humans. Image from North Star Military Figures Facebook Page.

Pretty cool!!

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick look at the Oathmark Human Sprues and Pre-Sale Deals. Personally, I am really looking forward to Oathmark and wish I could buy all these miniatures.

If you are interested, be sure to check out the deals over at North Star.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Andrés F.

    I really like the miniatures, and I like Frostgrave so I have faith in Joseph McCullough, but I’m skeptical about “mass combat” wargames in 28mm. The scale is simply not suitable for it, and it’d be the same mistake* GW made with Warhammer Fantasy. Painting the large number of 28mm miniatures needed for mass combat is very difficult for beginners if they want them to look semi-decent, whereas mass combat at 15mm (or smaller) usually abstracts away individual troops, and what troops are there can be painted with simpler techniques. Plus you really need a huge table for maneuvering at this scale, which even the already huge 6×4 standard table barely manages to provide.

    I really, really think part of the appeal and success of the newer generation of miniatures wargames, like Frostgrave, Lion Rampant, anything by Ganesha or even GW’s own Kill Team, Necromunda or Age of Sigmar is that they can be played with fewer miniatures. The games are more “casual”, which 28mm mass combat can never hope to be 🙂

    All of this is just my opinion and I can be wrong. Also, I don’t know anything about Oathmark and maybe it’s as “mass” combat as much as Star Wars Legion, i.e. a skirmish game branded as “epic” 😀

    *of course it’s debatable whether it was a mistake at all, since Warhammer Fantasy managed to endure for decades and pretty much sparked the miniatures craze. But ultimately I think it’s part of what killed it, in favor of the more casual and skirmish-oriented Age of Sigmar.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Hey Andres. Thanks for the comment.

      I think it will still be sometime before we learn what is in Oathmark. From what I have read “here-and-there,” you can start with a force of 30 figures and work your way up. I realize that can be a chore though if painting isn’t your thing. For me, I like painting miniatures games with 10 to 50 a side. Regardless, I am really looking forward to reading the rules sometime in the future, and I really like the art of the Oathmark Humans.

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