Prepping for a Tournament: Bolt Action

Prepping for a Tournament: Bolt Action

I find myself sitting here tonight thinking about a Bolt Action tournament coming this weekend. This tournament is for the second edition of the rules, so I should be reading the rules instead of writing. To be honest, I learned to play both X-Wing and Frostgrave at gaming Tournaments / Events, so why not learn Bolt Action 2 the same way.  🙂

The tournament’s point limit is 1000 points and I find myself wondering what lists to expect. Many of the players will be from out of town, so I have no idea what to expect from them. Because of this unknown factor, I am thinking I should make a balanced list, yet find myself wanting to go the extreme one way or the other with a very static or very mobile list.

The army that I normally play is the British and I just finished painting an MMG Team and a 6-pounder gun. I would love to get those items out onto the gaming table. I have over 50 painted infantry, so a stand-and-shoot army would be completely possible.

I also own 3 Bren Carriers, 3 Shermans, a Wolverine and an Otter, giving me plenty of options to put armour on the table. In fact, I could do an army where every one has a ride if I wish using the Bren Carriers, a Sherman (or Wolverine) and an Otter. Below are pictures of some armies that I have used in the past.

Infantry and Universal Carriers for Bolt Action
This is a 600 Point Platoon that I took for an Allied Game in an earlier Battle Report.


British Bolt Action Force
This is a 1000 Point Army that I took for a doubles game in a previous Battle Report. 1000 points makes this army viable for the tournament, but I am thinking it might be too few boots-on-the-ground for a competitive event. What do you think?
500 Point British Bolt Action Army
This is a 500 Point Force that I used for a previous Battle Report.

So what do you think? Should I go all boots-on-the-ground? How about all Mobile Armour? In my local meta, the guys often play Tank Heavy (fitting 2 to 3 tanks into 1000 point lists). If that is the case at the tournament, my three carriers would not last long. I wonder how the guys out of town will play. It is going to be a blast at Council Fires this year!!!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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