Aside from writing for Must Contain Minis, I (Jacob Stauttener) also write for other sites. Below is a list of other places where you can find my content.

Bell of Lost Souls

The main site that I write for outside of my own is Bell of Lost Souls (BoLS). There, I focus on Indy and Historical Wargaming Content. Many of my BoLS posts are specifically about Osprey Games’ products, but other systems make the mix too. To see my Bell of Lost Souls content, you can check out my Author’s Page.

Bell of Lost Souls Logo
One of the main sites that I write for outside of Must Contain Minis is Bell of Lost Souls.

Guerrilla Miniature Games

I also appeared in three different Video Battle Reports on Guerrilla Miniature Games with Ash Barker. You can find these video’s on Ash’s YouTube Channel, but I also made it easy for you to watch them in sequence off of this site. I have Part One (Secrets Uncovered), Part Two (Zombie Kills Wizard), and Part Three (The Coming of Ambronnax)

Guerrilla Miniature Games
At this time, I appear in three Frostgrave episodes on Guerrilla Miniature Games

St. Andrews Wargaming

St. Andrews Wargaming interviewed me about my Blogging and Gaming history.

Jacob Stauttener playing Wargames
That’s me playing Bolt Action at Forbes Hobbies in Cambridge, Ontario. This is one of the images that we used in the article at St. Andrews Wargaming.

More to Come…

As I appear on other sites, I plan to post links here.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!