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Aside from writing for Must Contain Minis, I also write for other sites. Below are stories that I wrote on other sites.

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Bell of Lost Souls

Flint and Feather Miniatures by Crucible Crush Spotlight
Flint and Feather on the Bell of Lost Souls - Link to Come.

Cigar Box Battle Mat Kickstarter 2018
A post about Cigar Box Battle Mats' newest Kickstarter aimed at Sci-Fi and Fantasy Players - Link.

Why Play Frostgrave
Why you should give Frostgrave a try - Link.


Have You tried Blood and Plunder
A quick article about the beautiful game Blood and Plunder by Firelock Games - Link.

The Nations of Bolt Action
An article about the nations you can choose out of the core rule book of Bolt Action - Link.

Bolt Action Review
A Review of the Bolt Action, second edition rule book - Link.

Why Play Osprey and Historical Games.
Why Play Osprey and Historical Games - Link.



St. Andrews Wargaming

Know a Blogger - Jacob Stauttener of Must Contain Minis
An Interview with Mike Corr of St. Andrews Wargaming - Link.



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