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Fill Your Fantasy Forces with Foot Knights from Wargames Atlantic

One of the latest range from Wargames Atlantic kicks off with new foot knights that bring the age of chivalry to the tabletop.

Wargames Atlantic has paired up with The Baron’s War to bring us new miniatures from The Age of Chivalry. With these new 28mm miniatures, you get 24 multipart hard plastic miniatures for just $34.95. That’s an incredible deal – which happens to be what Wargames Atlantic is known for. Great miniatures at fantastic prices.

Wargames Atlantic and The Baron's War partner for some awesome new miniatures!

If you are interested in The Baron’s War or interested in some historical 28mm Medieval miniatures for any other games (including as proxies in a well-known wargame), then check these guys out!

This is the first in a new range – The Age of Chivalry – that will soon include Sergeants, Levy, and cavalry sets. Wargames Atlantic shares the details…

“Death to the Enemy!”

Sons of noble birth, the knights of 12th and 13th century Europe were the kings of the battlefield. Heavily armed and armored, few could stand in their way. Vassal to a lord, each was paid for their service through land and other riches handed down to them by their liege via the feudal system. Each knight practiced constantly to become a master of arms and horses while holding elite ranks in medieval society. Eventually, the adoption of colored banners, shields, and surcoats led to the rise of heraldry. The ideals of chivalry (though rarely met) were the morality of the day as embodied by this warrior elite.

This hard plastic box set allows you to build up to 24-foot knights with a wide variety of weapons, including an axe, falchion, spear, mace, and, of course, the ubiquitous and iconic arming sword. Various heads and shields allow for even more customization, and parts can be combined with the other sets in the range.

Medieval miniatures by Wargames Atlantic
Wargames Atlantic Foot Knights

The Sprues

Below are the sprues as shown on Wargames Atlantic’s website. You will get enough pieces to build 24 Foot Knights, designed for historical games set between 1150 and 1320 AD.

The sprue
Wargames Foot Knights Sprue

Wrapping It Up…

Hopefully, you enjoyed today’s post. The goal was to show off some miniatures from a company you may or may not know about.

If you are ever looking for great miniatures at an affordable price, be sure to check out Wargames Atlantic. They have many lines available in 28mm. They have their Death Fields Sci-Fi Range and a number of Fantasy and Historical kits, too.

Wargames Atlantic Foot Knights

Until next time, Happy Gaming, Everyone!!!