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Re-Done Video – Improved Audio – Living Dead Peasants

When I posted my Living Dead Peasants by Fireforge Games and Army Painter Blood Effects Review on YouTube, I made a mistake. I bought a new microphone and in post production I added too much base and treble to my voice.

The original video went up September 21. This weekend, I edited this video with corrected audio. Because of the way that YouTube works, I had to remove the old video and set up a new video.

If you haven’t watched the video, please give it a view. If you already watched it, why not take a few minutes and watch the video over again with good audio.

The original sound was muddled. It sounded like I had marbles in my mouth. This new video is much better.

The Living Dead Peasants Video on YouTube

Check out this video review of Fireforge Games’ Living Dead Peasants with redone audio. If the embedded video below does not work, check out this link here.

My Video review with redone audio.

Wrapping it up…

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