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Painted Werewolves in Shadows of Brimstone

In this post, we look at some pictures of Painted Werewolves that my friend Dave Lamers sent in. On top of that, he also sent in an image of some painted Vampires. These pictures are a continuation of his Shadows of Brimstone commission that he has been working on.

Now, let’s start with those painted werewolves.

Pictures of Painted Werewolves for Shadows of Brimstone

I laid out the pictures that Dave sent me below. Again, Dave works as a speed painter. If you have large armies or board games that you want painted fast, Dave is a good commission painter to get in touch with. Now, on to those pictures.

Painted Werewolves for Shadows of Brimstone
Dave did a great job painting these up for Shadows of Brimstone.
Painted Werewolves for Shadows of Brimstone - Painted and photographed by Dave Lamers
These are some mighty nice looking werewolves. I hope his customer is happy with Dave’s work.
A miniature painted by Dave Lamers
I like that Dave painted each of the werewolves a different colour.
Shadows of Brimstone painted werewolf miniatures by Commission Painter Dave Lamers of Ontario - Canada
The full group of Werewolves together.

Overall, some really nice work here. Thanks for sending in the pictures Dave. But wait, he sent in another picture too. This time, of some Vampires. Let’s look at that picture before ending this post.

Painted Vampires for Shadows of Brimstone

Below is a quick bonus picture from Dave of the Vampires that he painted up for his client.

Some quickly painted Vampire miniatures
Dave painted up these vampires to an appealing tabletop standard quickly.

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Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this very quick look at some Shadows of Brimstone Werewolf and Vampire miniatures. If you know the name of the box set that these figures come in, please let me know.

Until Next Time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!