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Canadian Company Terrain Reviews

In this post, we take a quick look at three Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies that make terrain and I do several terrain reviews. Specifically, I review and showcase terrain by Cardboard Dungeon Games, XOLK and Six Squared Studios. I do this through a YouTube video down below.

In this narrated slideshow I share roughly 40 high quality images and 4 separate video tours of websites. As you may guess, all the images come from earlier photoshoots for the Must Contain Minis website. If you are interested in links to the written reviews, they are actually listed in the description part of my video on YouTube. You will have to head over there for those.

Being that all the companies in this video are based in Canada, this means that my American readers will be able to get even better bargains in their purchases. The reason for this is because of the differences the value of our currencies.

For my Canadian readers, you can confidently buy from these companies and not worry about whether you will be hit with duties upon delivery.

I actually review a large number of terrain pieces in this video. Of course, there are more companies from Canada that make terrain than just these three. You can find them on the Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies Page, but I will list them further below too.

The YouTube Video…

Now to that video of terrain reviews.

My longest YouTube video yet. In this video I review the products of three different miniatures gaming companies from Canada.

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Now, let’s get to that list of Canadian Terrain Companies.

Canadian Terrain Companies

The three companies that I covered in the video above are but a small sampling of the gaming companies in Canada that make terrain. Other companies are in that list too. Below are some Canadian companies for you to check out…

That is a lot of talent up here in the North. This list includes just the companies that I know of that do terrain. There are plenty of more companies on the Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies Page for you to check out too!

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this video about my latest Terrain Reviews on YouTube. If you haven’t already subscribed to my YouTube Channel, please do so. Also, remember that you can find a listing of all of the companies that I know of (who produce their products in Canada and have good online stores) through the Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies Page.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!