You are currently viewing Technical Difficulties – Fixes in Progress

Technical Difficulties – Fixes in Progress

You may have noticed some odd things with my shares on Social Media and the links to Must Contain Minis. Lately the site ran into some technical difficulties. I spent a lot of time over the past two-and-a-half weeks trying to address those issues.

Where does the Problem Lies

My service provider (web host) tells me that it is not their servers but most likely my theme. As such, I decided to overall the site to a brand new web theme. Hopefully this will remove the problems with sharing pages from Must Contain Minis and also solve some Google search issues that popped up over the last week.

With the theme changed, hopefully the issues go away. If they do not, then I will have to look into my plug-ins and ultimately back to my internet host. My fingers are crossed that this first change will do the work.

Improvements for You, the Reader

For you, the reader, I picked a fast theme that loads well and fixes some of the issues on older stories where the images flowed past the sidebar. It should also address a number of posts where the text was too small to read on mobile devices.

This new theme also addresses some other issues that are not necessarily technical issues, but rather annoyances that I am happy to have fixed. This includes better navigation around the site and making what are links more obvious.

Better Social Media Integration

Finally, the new theme also allows for better social media integration. I really want to boost the number of Facebook Followers who watch the site and successfully launch a new YouTube Channel. If you have not liked my Facebook Page or Subscribed to the YouTube Channel, please do so. Especially the YouTube Channel. I want to see that take off and if it does, I will provide plenty more videos in addition to written content.

Wrapping it up…

With these technical difficulties hopefully out of the way, I plan to get back to creating more content. Right now, a lot of that content is YouTube videos, but I have a lot of written pieces coming up too.

While you may see a few more changes to the site yet to come as I deal with the issues, I ask that you bear with me and continue to visit the site. Also, if you like the new look of the site, let me know!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!