You are currently viewing 5 Years – 891 Written Posts – 39 Videos – Thousands of Pictures

5 Years – 891 Written Posts – 39 Videos – Thousands of Pictures

Today marks my 5th year running Must Contain Minis. What a ride it has been! To date, I wrote 891 posts, uploaded 39 videos to YouTube and took thousands of photos.

My goal through out remains to show you, my reader, the different miniature gaming options that are out there aside from Games Workshop. Of course, I do have my favorite alternatives including Games by Osprey Games, Firelock Games, and some others too including Bolt Action.

891 Written Posts

When I first started, I never dreamed of writing more than 500 posts. Now I am at 750 written articles on Must Contain Minis and 141 posts on Bell of Lost Souls. That is a total of 891 written articles. Wow! To accompany them, I’ve taken thousands of photos. If you look back through my work (from May of 2016 through to today), you will see a noticeable improvement.

Likewise, if you look at my early work on YouTube versus my more recent videos, you will see improvement there too.

500 Subscribers on YouTube

In October of 2020 I also started a YouTube Channel. That channel now has 39 videos and just over 500 subscribers!!! Thank you everyone for helping me by liking my videos and subscribing to the channel. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated.

My next goal for YouTube is to get that channel up to 1000 subscribers. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please head on over there and help me reach this goal by subscribing and watching some of the videos.

Below is my most recent one as a sample of my work.

My latest YouTube Video teaches viewers how to paint a miniature at a basic level and walks them through my five step process.

A YouTube Video to Celebrate

This section is an update to the original post. In further celebration of my 5 year anniversary with Must Contain Minis, I published a YouTube Video. That video is embedded below, or you can head to YouTube to view it.

My Celebration Post for 5 Years of Content Creation with Must Contain Minis.

Thank You to You

A big thank you goes to each and every one of you that visited my website or watched through your videos. Your views help encourage me to keep going with Must Contain Minis and creating more content.

Wrapping it up…

5 years ago today I started Must Contain Minis. In that time, I wrote 750 posts to Must Contain Minis, 141 Posts to Bell of Lost Souls (you can check out my posts there here), and created 39 YouTube Videos.

If you haven’t already subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do so. Those posts started as narrated slide shows of written content already on Must Contain Minis, but like my photos, my video work keeps improving and I’ve started to include video elements too. Make sure to take a look at those videos and subscribe to the channel!

As for the future of Must Contain Minis, you can expect a lot more great posts talking about all sorts of products and miniatures games that you can get into.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!