You are currently viewing 2 Months – Over 17,500 Pageviews!!!

2 Months – Over 17,500 Pageviews!!!

Today I am just ecstatic. As of 1am this coming morning (Tuesday), my Blog officially turns two months old. In that time, I wrote 35 Articles and generated 17,500 page views to my website.

Some of my most popular posts in that short amount of time include…
Review: Houses – 4 Ground vs PlastCraft Games vs Bird Houses vs Scratch Built
Review: Frostgrave Cultists
Unboxing TANKS by Gale Force 9
Review: 28mm Sandbags by 6 Squared Studios

Although my reviews receive the most hits, I sincerely enjoying writing up Battle Reports my Favourite two reports include…
Battle Report – Bolt Action: Brits and Yankees versus Germans
Tournament Report – Frostgrave Campaign Day: Hunt for the Golem (Lords Of War 2016 Summer Tournament)

This Blog has also sparked new friendships for me with great people from all over the World Wide Web and I would like to see my the numbers on my Facebook Page Grow. If you like my Blog, please head on over to my Facebook Page and give it a Like.

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